I'm a Full-stack web developer and entrepreneur with a background in Business and Economics. I like clean code, quantifying everything (no really, I love data) and having fun outdoors around the world.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart; I've started two successful businesses and one less successful business.
I'm a former business and economics student at the University of Calgary. I view the business classes as an essential to my knowledge base, but I find passion in Economics.  I'm interested in applying behavioral economic principles to businesses to make them better at selling.
I am always working on things/projects on the side. My latest thing is coding; In December, 2016 I decided to move beyond web design (HTML/CSS) and into becoming a full stack developer and spent the following 968 hours learning about back-end development.
I'm a licensed mortgage broker and work as a broker and head of IT and Marketing for Tekamar Mortgages. I did this to pay for university, but found enjoyment in it as a career.
I do freelance web development work under my company, NoBull Co. I've also worked with small businesses consulting on operations management and implementing better IT and data analysis. If reading that didn't bore you, you can get to know me a little bit better on my about page.

Sometimes I blog about the world around me

My blog will cover my life and the experiences it brings. I'll talk with great transparency (think numbers and the works) the entrepreneurship ventures I'm working on. I will certainly be talking about my journey while learning to code, including some of the projects I'm working on. I'm an economist, so it's likely I'll share some cool data that I've played with, as well as economic factors and events going on. There will probably be a good amount of writing on my musings on the world around me. Who knows, I may just end up posting pictures of my dog.

My Skill-set or "Toolbox"

Business Management & Optimization

Owning and operating a couple of small businesses has given me a solid foundation of business workings from P/R to accounting to inventory management. I'm a believer in the "quantify everything" approach, and that includes collecting and using data to make informed business decisions. I supposed my university classes have helped.

Web Design & Small Business IT

I started building websites in high school and am now proficient in both front and back-end web development, & some Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. At Tekamar, I discovered my abilities to make small businesses more efficient by using tech. I implemented a paperless system using PAAS, CRM database and new work-flow systems. I also honed my web design skills as well as website implementation and SEO for small businesses.

Mortgage Broker

I was licensed to broker mortgages in the Province of British Columbia in August, 2013 as the youngest broker in the Province at the age of 19. I've learned to not only find the best rates, but work with very "non-traditional" deals that wouldn't normally comply. I've come to know the real estate industry as well as dealings in financing, credit management and commercial lending. Being a broker led me to purchase a rental property, allowing me to be more relatable with my clients. 


  • Business Management
  • Customer Service
  • Operations Improvement
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Sales


  • Full-stack Web Developer
  • Ruby/Rails/Elixir/Phoenix
  • Database & CRM Management
  • Local Business SEO


  • Residential Mortgage Brokering
  • Commercial Lending
  • B Grade Lending
  • Credit Management
  • Negotiations/Contracts

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Here's some of the things I've done

NoBull Co.

After starting a web design business for my entrepreneurship class, and being overwhelmed with the positive response that comes from not ripping businesses off, I started a web design agency based on doing exactly that: being simple, fair and upfront.

Tekamar Website


In addition to working at Tekamar Mortgages, I rebuilt their website as well as made sure that they are busy because of their website - applied some SEO to the website specifically for local businesses. See how I did! Try googling "Mortgage Salmon Arm".

Graphics Design - Path Candles

I was asked to do some logo design work for a company going into the candle business. Their product was going to be somewhat similar to this, so I worked with them to produce something to their specs. This was the result.

Life's lemons

They said I was too old to be doing it. During the summers between grade 10 and 12, as well as after high school graduation, my partner and I started and operated four gourmet fresh pressed juice stands around the tourism region we grew up in. Operating 4 stands, in three towns, with 7 staff was my first real experience in business.

Want to work Together?

I'm always interested in cool opportunities to work with cool people. If you have something you think I'd be interested in, or even just want to chat, drop me a line either via email or some form of social media.