A little bit more about me

She was too short to fit in a selfie

First of all, hi!

 Thanks for taking the time to explore my modest little website and check out my life. I can't describe my life in words alone, but simply put, I like to do cool things. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, and have you understand me a bit better by giving you some fun facts about myself:

I am the oldest of three children. I love listening to awesome playlists, but hate taking the time to make them. I started my first business at the age of 12 - I sold candy to kids out of my locker after it was banned from the schools vending machines. I rarely keep my phone on me, and even when I have it, I don't often answer. Because I rarely have my phone, I never know what time it is - but I don’t really care. I can play piano and the saxophone, but for the life of me can't figure out the guitar. I used to ski race, my favorite discipline was downhill, but I was never very good. I can go really fast, but don't often move that quickly. On average, I missed over 60 days of high school per year - mostly because of skiing. Portugal may have a warrant out for me; I was rushed through security and never got my passport stamped proving that I left. I regularly teach my old dog new tricks. And my dad, but he's cool with it. I'm not religious, but please don’t tell my grandparents. I have strong opinions, but they're loosely held.

I have a dog named Rossi, after the ski company of course. She's super cool and certainly one of my besties. Don't tell my girlfriend. Did I mention I have a girlfriend? Her name is Chanelle and she's super awesome! She's the person I go on adventures with. We both currently live in Calgary, Alberta. I don't love it here, but for now it's home. It's the weather really, its kind of crappy. I'm a lover of the sun and my favorite temperature is x, where 24C &le x &le 32C. In my spare time during the winter I like to ski (Revelstoke is the best mountain!). Over the summer I enjoy running during the week and hiking on the weekend, can be found climbing (but I'm not very good) in the Rockies and love white water kayaking, so long as the water is warm. In general I try to avoid fall and spring. 

Despite being a trained economist, I don't believe all people will be have rationally. Actually, I am almost positive most people are a bit irrational, and some are quite irrational. But just because people are hard to fit into a model doesn't mean I don't think people aren't good. In fact, I believe that most people are good people, and as such I go through life acting as if everyone is.

I like to write

I have a blog where I tend to write about my life, experiences and my opinions. If that interests you, go ahead and check it out.

I'm learning to code

Thanks to the wonders of open source and the kindness of some lovely strangers, I am working through the Odin project. I post everything I do with code on Github.

I own a business

I own a small web design company based out of Calgary, Alberta but am not afraid to work remotely. If you're in need of a website for a small business, go ahead and drop me a line :)