Making Instagram posts on Twitter not Suck.


If you have ended up on this page, it probably means that someone loves you enough to share with you a way to make your Instagram pictures get cross-posted as pictures to your Twitter account. Alternatively, perhaps whoever shared it with you just got tired of seeing your crappy instagram-link tweets. If you were directed to this page from me, it’s probably the latter of those two. Let’s face it – nobody clicks those links anyways, here’s how to fix that: a step-by-step instruction on how to have any Instagram picture you post automatically get posted on your Twitter page as well.


Anger, I feel anger when I see people post Instagram links.

Anger, I feel anger when I see people post Instagram links.


Step 1.

Have an Instagram account and a Twitter Account. That might seem simple, but there are some really stupid people on both platforms.

Step 2.

Get an IFTTT account here. If this then that is a service that connects with various web apps and other services to automate simple tasks. It’s super awesome, easy to use and best of all, it’s free. Go ahead, give ’em your email address, confirm it, then sign in now. I’ll wait, don’t worry!


This is where you sign away your soul to a lifetime of spam - JK, they're great and don't bother you if you tell them not to.

This is where you sign away your soul to a lifetime of spam – JK, they’re great and don’t bother you if you tell them not to.

Step 3.

Once you have signed up for IFTTT and logged in, you will be taken to the homepage for IFTTT. Congrats, you have IFTTT. You’re welcome to poke around and see some of the other awesome things you can do with it, but first let’s fix those pesky instagram links. If you successfully signed up, you should be able to just click this “Add” button I’ve placed here:

IFTTT Recipe: Cross-Post your Instagram Pictures as Twitter Pictures connects instagram to twitter

If for whatever reason that didn’t work, you can just visit the recipe directly here.

Step 4.

Before you can activate this IFTTT channel, you are going to have to connect your Instagram and Twitter profiles to IFTTT. You do that by pressing these buttons:

I had to disconnect and reconnect my account more times than I can count for this post. You're welcome.

Press these two buttons (one at a time of course) before you can press the big “Add” button.

I will probably pop up something that you will have seen before asking for permission to post. Say yes (they’re not going to spam you, it needs this permission to actually cross post the pictures!). It should look something like this:

Just press the "Authorize App" button. Trust me, it ain't that bad.

Just press the “Authorize App” button. Trust me, it ain’t that bad.

Step 5.

Once you have authorized IFTTT to access your Instagram and Twitter account, the big blue button should be available to press. Go ahead, give it a press, I know you’ve been waiting to!

Press this like you press someone's buttons.

Press this like you press someone’s buttons.

Step 6.

You’re done! No seriously, 6 simple steps, less than 5 minutes and you’ll never post a terrible link to instagram again – isn’t that just fantastic? If you want to play around, under settings (no way I’m adding pictures to that as well) you can add custom link formats and track how many people click the shortened link – if you have long (see: >140 character) instagram posts with lots of words – by changing the URL Shortening settings and connecting it to a account. This is way more complex than the average person needs to be.


That’s it. You’re done. Now when you see other plebs people posting just the Instagram link, you can send them a link to this page, or explain it yourself, or simply do nothing and be perpetually bothered by those links knowing there is a better solution. That’s entirely up to you.


My name is Rich JD Smith and sometimes I write words, other times I share 140 characters of my thoughts and on occasion, I post pictures. Feel free to look at my stuff, share my stuff, follow my stuff or maybe even, just maybe, get in touch. I'm mostly friendly. Usually.

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